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Maximize Your Asset Preservation Strategy

At Butler Law, we are passionate about representing our clients’ best interests through comprehensive estate planning. And one of the primary goals of many clients is the preservation of the assets they have spent many years accumulating.

Today’s estate tax laws are complicated and often confusing enough. In addition, the state’s debtor/creditor laws and their direct effect on real and personal property through lien attachment and subsequent foreclosure only adds another layer of complexity — and anxiety for clients — that must be considered in a complete, well-thought-out estate plan. Our firm takes exceptional pride in informing clients of the full range of tools at their disposal to minimize this liability, thereby maximizing their asset preservation and ensuring that their loved ones receive as much of their assets as legally allowed.

Help ensure that your assets are adequately protected and that an orderly transition of your assets to your beneficiaries will, in fact, occur. Call us today and establish a date for your free initial consultation with attorney Dan Butler.

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Estate Planning Tools that Help Protect Assets

A good estate plan will facilitate a smooth transition of assets to beneficiaries upon your death regardless of whether your estate is modest or significant. Our firm offers the professional legal counsel you need to unlock estate planning tools to help with some of the following situations and much more:

  • Paying for your nursing home care: Through establishing a special needs trust or irrevocable trust, you may be able to utilize Medicaid to cover nursing home and other home care expenses.

  • Safeguarding business interests and assets: Establishing a limited liability company (LLC) to hold title to the business assets while having a different LLC operate the business will help minimize exposure of the business assets to potential claims and liens. In addition, by having a trust own both LLCs, you may be able to safeguard your business interests by having these business interests bypass probate administration upon your death and to allow the business to continue its business operations without interruption in such event.

  • Transferring ownership of your business: We often advise clients to establish trust ownership of businesses to ease tax burdens and aid in a smooth transition to the next generation of owners.

Professional Legal Counsel to Attain Your Estate Planning Goals

Trust the team at Butler Law in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, to help address your unique estate planning needs. We will inform you of the full range of tools at your disposal to maximize the preservation of your property, businesses and other assets accumulated over your lifetime. Attain peace of mind knowing your legacy will continue seamlessly and at the least possible cost with a complete and effective estate plan.

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There is no substitute for knowledge and experience when it comes to optimizing your estate plan. We will inform you of the tools available to help maximize the assets passed on to your loved ones. Lawyer Dan Butler is a responsive and seasoned advocate ready to stand by you to help craft an effective estate plan particular to your situation and circumstances. Avoid costly mistakes that could leave your assets tied up in probate proceedings or subject them to unnecessary liability exposure or taxes. Give our office a call or complete a contact form online. Set up your no-fee initial consultation with our team today!