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Full-Spectrum Legal Counsel For Business Law Needs

Before leaping into the establishment of a new business, it is crucial that you first consider the number of legal concerns that may arise. At Butler Law, we help our clients reach new levels of personal achievement while protecting their interests during the launch of a new business venture.

Do not place yourself or your family at undue risk. Protect yourself and your future by setting up a date for a free initial consultation with a lawyer to discuss the formation of your business, taking proper steps to minimize liability for you and your business, establishing and reviewing contracts, litigation services and much more.

Essential Considerations During Business Formation

One of the primary legal matters to address during the formation of a new business is how to protect yourself, your family and your estate from liability. To accomplish this, it is often wise to explore establishing a business entity such as a limited liability company or a corporation. Determining which entity to form is an issue to seriously consider due to the tax ramifications involved with each.

Additionally, if you own multiple businesses, you should consider establishing each one as a separate and distinct entity to limit the liability exposure of your business assets.

Focus On The Future — Your Business Succession Strategy

Much like a comprehensive estate plan, a comprehensive business strategy should incorporate a plan that covers the transfer of ownership. The transfer of your business should also factor into the manner in which you plan to preserve the maximum amount of assets to pass on to your loved ones.

Do not devote your time, energy and resources to the establishment of a business only for it to disappear after your passing. Attorney Dan Butler can help you craft a solid asset preservation strategy to protect your legacy.