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What Rights and Responsibilities Do I Have as A Businessowner?

Butler Law Oct. 25, 2021

Business law covers multiple areas of business in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Business owners require laws protecting the business and the formation of the business. Owning a large or small business includes many responsibilities for the business owner. The rights of your business differ depending on state and local laws.

Businessowner Rights

A business owner has the right to make all decisions about every aspect of the business process. As long as a business owner isn’t breaking any federal or state laws, they can tun their business how they want. During business formation and running the business, there isn’t a limit to capital a business owner can invest. A business owner can try and change business strategies to add customers and increase revenue. All business owners have the right to refuse goods and services under certain circumstances.

Businessowner Responsibilities

A businessowner’s responsibilities divide into five categories:

  • Shareholders

  • Employees

  • Customers

  • Government

  • Environment

Shareholders and Employees

The first responsibility to a business is always to its owners or shareholders. The people who invest money into a business expect a fair return on their investment. As the company’s performance increases, the dividends and company shares should increase as well.

No matter the size of a business, a business owner relies on the productivity of their employees. A business must offer a fair wage with insurance and compensation. There should be a safe work environment with medical benefits when injured at work.


Customers are the most important asset for every business. To keep and gain customers, a company needs to offer quality services and goods at competitive prices. Dishonest advertising can harm a business owner’s reputation and lose customers. Customer service is an important aspect of handling customer concerns.

Government and Environment

Every business has to comply with federal guidelines and laws. There shouldn’t be any illegal activities around the business. Businesses must follow state and local laws and guidelines. Business owners must pay state and federal taxes must on time.