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What New Parents Must Know About Estate Planning

Butler Law Nov. 2, 2021

Estate planning in South Carolina is an important step for new parents. Life is fraught with unexpected difficulties, but the challenges of life won’t have to destroy the future of your children. Even when your kids are newborns, making a few tough decisions now can solve their financial challenges to come. What’s interesting is that estate planning with your children in mind can even make you wealthier.

Knowing the Who and The What

New parents have to know who their beneficiaries are and what they’ll get as they’re estate planning. Beneficiaries are any persons or entities that receive your assets in the event of your death. Though you should occasionally adjust what your beneficiaries get, deciding on the basics now will protect your kids. Their youth won’t negate life from possibly taking you early.

Foreseeing Your Need of Care

One of the errors that new parents make in estate planning is ignoring how much they will need their children’s help in the future. The process of raising newborns shouldn’t mislead you: At a point sooner than many people think, age sets in, and parents need their children to help take care of them. The good news is that you can set directives now that assign medical-caregiver roles to your kids. You can even make a stipulation that they must care for your assets in order to later get them.

Assigning a Guardian

While your children are still young, they won’t be able to earn money or register themselves into a school. Estate planning allows you to legally assign someone to take over your parenting role when you’re absent. Keep in mind that a public court will choose a guardian if you don’t do so now. Planning is how you choose competent family or friends as ideal guardians for your kids.

Estate Planning in South Carolina

Giving the best you can to your children goes beyond what you do while you’re alive. When you’re gone, the struggle your children may experience can be overcome by making previsions for them today.