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The General Purpose of A Business Capital Account

Butler Law March 31, 2022

Commercial finance requires the raising of capital to create a business. There are a number of financing options that are available to raise capital. A business owner in South Carolina is encouraged to understand the main uses of a capital account.

The Significance of Capital

Raising capital is often the first step of business formation. Sole proprietors and partners use capital accounts to accumulate capital, which is the overall investment that is needed to start a business. Capital funds are used to finance the purchase or lease of land, commercial equipment, payroll and accounting services, work labor and other startup expenses. Capital includes the cash that the business owner has on hand.

Every business owner should have a capital account that is separate from a personal bank account. It appears as an equity account on a balance sheet. The owner is allowed to make contributions or withdrawals on the account. A contribution can be money or tangible assets like computers or vehicles. The amount of every activity has to be added or subtracted to the account. At the end of the fiscal year, the capital account is reviewed to reflect changes in the company’s net income, profits or losses.

Tracking Your Business Investments

One of the first steps when starting a business is to open financial accounts. A capital account is designed to organize the company’s cash, tangible assets or intellectual property. A capital account is used by a business owner to record and monitor the changes in a company’s assets and liabilities during a fiscal year. In accounting, a capital account reveals the owner’s equity and the business’s net worth.