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Primary Legal Considerations when Launching a Business

Butler Law April 26, 2021

Starting a new business in South Carolina is an exciting, challenging and gratifying process. As you go about launching your startup venture, there are a number of primary legal considerations to bear in mind. Beginning a new business isn’t just about your personal assets, either–there are insurance and safety considerations to be made as well.

Protect Personal Assets

A key element of the business formation process is to ensure that your personal assets are protected. The type of business organization selected for your enterprise is a primary element of protecting your personal assets. For example, organizing your business as a subchapter S corporation or a limited liability company provides vital personal asset protection.

Obtain all necessary insurance

Unfortunately, with alarming regularity, entrepreneurs lack focus on the various types of insurance that you must have for your new enterprise. You need to make certain you obtain appropriate general liability insurance and, depending on the number of employees you will hire, insurance related to your workforce as well.

Satisfy Any Licensing and Registration Requirements

Depending on what industry your new enterprise will operate, make certain that you satisfy any and all licensing and registration requirements well in advance of your launch. Time and again, startups overlook and licensing or registration requirement before launching operations. Such a failure can have seriously negative and expensive consequences.

Finally, when considering all that needs to be done in advance of launching your new business, retain capable, experienced legal counsel. A qualified business law lawyer can help you address important legal matters for your startup launch. Legal counsel can often help you stay compliant with any applicable local and federal laws and regulations as time goes on.