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Inheritance Issues that Can Cause Family Problems

Butler Law Sept. 13, 2018

Many Myrtle Beach area residents will receive an inheritance in their lifetime. Lots of families have made plans to create an estate plan for their family that includes gifting money to loved ones. This is important and is something that many families value. But, occasionally there are problems with an inheritance that causes family disagreements.

One mistake an heir can make with an inheritance is spending all the money carelessly. The person who left the money probably didn’t want this money being spent on new houses, cars, boats, etc. The money can be gone in a short time, instead of lasting years as was originally intended. Another problem that is common is when one heir receives more assets than another. This can lead to jealousy and resentment among family members. If a person who has another income source suddenly receives a large inheritance, it can complicate the benefits they receive. Disabled people who are on social security disability and receiving government benefits can lose them and getting back on these important benefits can be complicated.

Although it can be a blessing to receive an inheritance from a loved one, it can sometimes lead to complications in the family. When a family believes there are problems with their loved one’s estate, they may want to speak with a legal professional who specializes in probate litigation. An attorney understands how families may feel after receiving an inheritance and can help them work through their differences.

There can be many complications a family goes through when it comes to an inheritance. Working through these issues with professional guidance can help minimize family disagreements to ensure loved ones are taken care of in the future.