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Helping You Design an Effective Estate Plan

Butler Law Oct. 24, 2019

Individuals in South Carolina and elsewhere spend years building a future for their loved ones; it only makes sense that they will also take steps to ensure this is protected. Developing an estate plan means that a person’s wishes when it comes to transferring assets upon their death will be memorialized in writing. While creating an estate plan is a crucial step to take no matter a person’s age, it is often a task that individuals will postpone as long as they can.

The attorneys at Butler Law understand the importance of establishing an estate plan, which is why we are dedicated to serving individuals in the Myrtle Beach area when it comes to protecting one’s assets and ensuring that they are property distributed to beneficiaries and heirs after their passing.

There are many reasons to initiate the estate planning process. This can include avoiding probate, maintaining the privacy of one’s assets and protecting the inheritances of family members. Our attorneys take the time to understand the goals and concerns of our clients, helping them design the most effective estate plan for their situation and needs.

Our law firm realizes that circumstance can change throughout life. This is why we encourage our clients to continually update their estate plans. Whether it is a marriage, divorce, birth of a child, the establishment of a business, receiving an inheritance or being diagnosed with a serious illness, it is important to have your affairs in order.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s estate planning web page. While no one likes to think about their demise, it is important to have a well thought out estate plan in place to ensure your assets are protected and your loved ones will receive the inheritances in accordance with your wishes.