Danny Villacarlos Butler

Estate Planning

Is estate planning for everyone?

Estate plans can contain many different documents that address a variety of concerns and responsibilities. While many wealthy South Carolina residents explore the idea, having substantial assets is not a prerequisite. Net worth may not play a factor and a better...

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How do transfer on death accounts work?

Estate planning often involves making things less costly and complicated for beneficiaries. When drawing up a will, the testator may realize that surviving family members may find probate confusing and time-consuming. To help beneficiaries, a testator may set up...

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When should you update your estate plan?

Many people make the mistake of creating their estate plan and never giving it a second look. However, things can change over the course of a life. If your estate plan doesn’t reflect those changes, it could leave your family in an awkward position after you pass...

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Avoid these estate planning errors

Estate planning mistakes in South Carolina can be costly, causing both financial and emotional turmoil for heirs. Unfortunately, these errors are also not uncommon, but being aware of some of the most frequent ones can help you avoid them. The dangers of doing it...

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