Danny Villacarlos Butler

Month: May 2020

Creating a succession plan for your business

As any Myrtle Beach resident can attest, much work goes into starting a business. No matter the size of the business, an individual can devote much of his or her life into a business. Thus, the focus of a business owner is not only to successfully start a business,...

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It’s never too late to amend your will

Many people in the Myrtle Beach area take pride in the fact that they have drafted a comprehensive estate plan and that disposition of their assets will be controlled by a well-drafted will. Then something unexpected happens. A spouse dies. Or a couple gets divorced....

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How to store estate planning documents

Most Myrtle Beach area residents understand the importance of estate planning. Estate planning encompasses many different aspects of a person’s life, including their assets, their children, and their health care wishes. When an estate plan has been completed many may...

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