Danny Villacarlos Butler

Estate Planning

When a will is not enough

South Carolina residents who want to plan for the future and protect their loved ones should always have a will. However, this isn’t enough to ensure that your loved ones get what’s theirs or that your wishes will be carried out. Why should you have more than just a...

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What is an IDGT?

An IDGT, or intentionally defective grantor trust, is a useful tool for people in South Carolina who are beginning their estate planning. Like other kinds of trusts, an IDGT can help with the transfer of accumulated wealth while minimizing the tax impact of moving the...

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Having an estate planning conversation

Most families do not want to talk about death or money, and they don't want to discuss the two topics in a single conversation. However, when an aging parent reaches a difficult stage in life, it becomes almost impossible to ignore the discussion. Know how to start a...

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